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The MS864-8 electromechanical lock ZDC housing, handle and stainless steel cam, which are coated with black layer that is salt mist resistant. The handle of the product performs with quarter turning and the one way locking stroke is 22mm. The product supports 3 points locking and users can open the door for either RH or LH through changing the direction of the positioning device without changing the structure of the product. If the part of electronic box is changed, the product becomes the mechanical lock. In addition, our product adopts the K043 default key and 2888648001 default cam.

Technical Specifications
Electromechanical Lock Mechanical Lock
Specification ERP Specification ERP
Support With Padlock Without Padlock Support With Padlock Without Padlock
Metal Support MS864Z2E052019 MS864Z2E052017 Metal support MS864Z2E052003 MS864Z2E052001
PA Support MS864Z2E052020 MS864Z2E052018 PA support MS864Z2E052004 MS864Z2E052002
Change the angle of the positioning device to realize LH or RH.

Instruction of Usage
1.When the power is on, the green signal starts to shine and the handle is not opened. If it powers off at that time, the electromechanical lock will be locked automatically. Push the circular position on the swing handle, which will bounce from lock body, so the product will realize the opening function. The power will keep on for 30 seconds. The time can be set by the customers and it is suggested to be not longer than 1 minute. If users press the swing handle down into the lock body, the power is also cut off to realize the locking function.
2. If there is an accident, like the remote control fails and the power line is burned, the product is supplied without power. At this time, the mechanical opening method is available. For the mechanical opening method, users should make use of the special tool to rotate the pentagonal screw and open the dustproof cover, and then open the insert by key so that the swing handle will bounce to open.
3. The nominal input voltage of the electronic box ranges from 12V to 24V and the current rating is from DC 200mA to 300mA.
Note: Red line means positive, blue line means negative and green and yellow refer to signal line.

Assemble Requirement
1. In the assembling process, the operator should wear gloves but not hammer the electromechanical lock to prevent the lock accessories from any possible damage.
2. Make sure the door is horizontal while assembling and the fix hole on frame matches with the shape of lock.
3. Do not clear the surface of the product with chemical material so as to avoid corrosion for the coating.
4. After assembling, the product should be horizontal to the door and perpendicular to the ground. The gap between the product and the cut out can reach the waterproof rating IPX6 without being filled with any glue.

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