Installed on door, window, cabinet door and other equipment, the exposed axle hinge not only helps to the flexible rotation of the window and door, but also it becomes an organic whole part with the door or the window. This product plays an important role of decoration. As a connecting or rotating device, the product makes the rotation of the swing components, like door, cover, etc. The quality of the product takes a direct effect on the use of the door or the furniture.

Our exposed axle hinge includes the zinc alloy type, the bright chrome coated carbon steel type, the black pocked powder plated zinc alloy type, the nanometer matt zinc alloy type and other type made of different materials. Some of the types are equipped with the PA gasket, carbon steel pin, nickel plated carbon steel shaft, stainless steel bolt and other accessories. Meeting different demands, this product can be opened with the angle of 120°, 135°, 180°, etc.

We own the professional designing group dedicating to the development of the hinge and we make the stainless steel, zinc alloy and nanometer materials autonomously. Furthermore, our product is controlled strict in all the production procedures so as to ensure the comfortable use.

We are an experienced exposed axle hinge manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide a vast range of products, including bolt hinge, quarter turn lock, handle, swing handle lock, among others.

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