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The CL209 butterfly hinge is made in different specifications and it has several types including the CL209-1 type and CL209-1C type. Therein, the CL209-1 type is equipped with the zinc hinge and steel pin. Yet the CL209-1C type adopts the nanometer painted ZDC hinge, steel pin and screw. Our product allows the opening angle as large as 180 degree.

Technical Specifications of CL209-1
Specification ERP
CL219-1 Screw Embedded
Bright chrome-plated CL209Z3A001
Matt black powder coated CL209Z1A001
Pocked black powder coated CL209Z1B001
Nanometer painted CL209Z2B001

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180 Degree Opening Parliament Hinge | Butterfly Fastener with Surface Treatment | Coated Hardware for Industrial Cabinet

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