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Our MS901 electromechanical lock adopts the ZDC housing and button, which are plated with the gray manometer layer. Apart from the white zinc plated steel cam and rod, the product is configured with special electronic key.

Technical Specifications
Model ERP
MS901 MS901Z2B000001
Remarks: Cam cutout square 8mm

The Instruction of Simple Handhold Product
1. Push “*” key to switch on the electronic key. The red light shines every second.
2. Push “#” key to send the opening signal. The red and green lights will blink rapidly.
3. The handhold electronic key locates to the electronic insert. After the
position is correct, the key will drive the electronic insert to rotate with
some force. Meanwhile, the red light will blink slowly. If the position is
incorrect, the handhold electronic key can’t open the electronic insert.
4. While switching off the electronic key, users can push “*” key again, returning to the open state. The red will shine every second and it will be closed automatically in 10 seconds. If the key is not pushed, the red light will keep blinking in the opening situation and the lock will close automatically 10 seconds later.

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