Electromechanical Lock

The electromechanical lock is our first batch of electronic product and it changes the development trend in this field, which is dedicated only in machinery product. With concise appearance, the product consists of the main body, handle and lock cylinder cover plate, which are sectioned respectively from the circular body with two globular ends and the circular body has the same dimension with the circular cylinder. Then the main body, handle and lock cylinder cover plate will be made with the same arc.

The electromechanical lock is ensured on the antitheft property for the material and design. The product adopts the rotating shaft made of SUS304 material, which has higher strength than the zinc alloy. The padlock button, professional locking screw and dustproof cover plate are made of stainless steel to ensure the rigidity and mechanical strength of the surface. On design, the heads of the professional locking screw and dustproof cover plate get stunk in certain depth without leaving any gap to prevent the product from being pried. Apart from the paint baking treatment on the surface of the main body and the handle, the product is also processed with electroplating and sealant on other parts to reach the EU RoHS standard.

Our electromechanical lock is supplied with three types including the MS864-8 type, MS899 type and MS901 type. With perfect signal receiving and controlling system, our product can be opened through the remote control, electric key control, magnetic card control, password control and other ways. It is made with reliable performance for our product passes a series of inspections, such as the mechanical property test, corrosion resistant test, inflaming retarding test, vandal resistant test, etc.

Our company is a specialized electromechanical lock manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide various types of products such as swing handle lock, toggle latch, handle, and hinge.

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